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[one_third class=””][feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-group” title=”About us” iconurl=”http://epsbusiness.com/about-us/”]We work with some of the world’s leading event organisers & industry associations to create bespoke print and digital publications. From conception to inception, we help you connect effectively through the written word – we can be the publishing extension of any business.[/feature][/one_third]

[one_third class=””][feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-folder-open” title=”Our services” iconurl=”http://”]Our highly skilled team of designers, editors, publishing and sales executives provide a complete end-to-end service using traditional and online applications that deliver outstanding, editorial-led content tailored specifically to your needs.[/feature][/one_third]

[one_third_last class=””][feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-book” title=”Our products” iconurl=”http://”]We produce a comprehensive range of print and digital publications including event catalogues, daily show newspapers, print and digital business magazines as well as an array of e-services. We tailor each product to the needs of an audience, working across multiple digital platforms & creating high quality products.[/feature][/one_third_last]

[one_third][feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-eye-open” title=”Who we are” iconurl=”http://”]In partnership with international event organisers and industry associations, we help people connect, to build and increase loyalty with members, exhibitors and visitors alike. We are committed to creating commercially effective media and managing all stages of production – from digital through to print and delivery, we can help you throughout the whole process.[/feature][/one_third]

[one_third][feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-group” title=”Our team” iconurl=”http://”]We help organisations achieve excellent communications before, during and after an event. Our design team works alongside experienced editorial and production staff – we consult with you before agreeing plans and schedules to enable us to deliver appropriate content to the highest standards, getting your business message to your target audience.[/feature][/one_third]

[one_third_last][feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-folder-open” title=”Our publications” iconurl=”http://”]We produce a variety of publications including conference programmes, mobile event guides, member directories, daily newspapers, event catalogues and quality business magazines that provide high-profile executives with thought-leadership reports and features. We deliver a bespoke package that can be accessed using a wide range of media platforms, taking into account the needs of the audience and cultural business traditions.[/feature][/one_third_last]



Our Portfolio

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Over many years EPS has become the official provider of publications to many of the world’s leading event organisers. We produce a wide range of publications in digital, interactive and print format for many regional and global industry sectors – from sustainable energy to travel, imaging technology to construction, we’ve got the expertise and experience!

We can help you by producing professional publications that can improve customer loyalty and build revenues from exhibitors and members. We can support you throughout the entire publishing process, from beginning to end. Some of our services include:


  • Digital interactive e-magazines
  • Floorplans and navigational maps
  • Executive level business magazines
  • Event catalogues and USB cards
  • Conference programmes
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  • Daily show newspapers
  • Exhibitor new products guide
  • Seminar & guest speaker schedules
  • Online Buyers’ Guide
  • Media-rich e-newsletters[/half_last]

Find out more about our full range of publishing packages and see what we can offer you…

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