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Mechelen is on everybody’s doorstep, located in the heart of Flanders and midway between Brussels and Antwerp. From Brussels Airport to Mechelen is a mere 11 minutes by train. In the city everything is within walking distance so you can stroll from one sight to another, from one highlight to another. You will stumble upon historic buildings, tradition come to life and exceptional experiences. And the people of Mechelen are more than happy to give you a warm welcome!

Mechelen flaunts the UNESCO World Heritage Label no less than five times and locals are proud of their more than 500 listed monuments. The city centre boast eight historic churches, presenting murals, and works by Flemish Masters such as Rubens and Van Dyck.

As from March 2018 the new Museum Hof van Busleyden will open its doors. Hof van Busleyden invites you to discover and re-experience life in the Low Countries during the Burgundian era in a stately sixteenth-century palace in the centre of Mechelen. This architectural gem is considered as one of the most beautiful and existant city palaces from the European Renaissance. It was a hotbed for new ideas, arts and crafts. A crossroads for networks, that was buzzing with encounters and discussions. Margaret of York, Erasmus, Thomas More, Anne Boleyn were only a few of the international guests invited to the palace. Come face to face with historical masterpieces and find out how the influence of Mechelen’s court culture is still tangible in our vibrant, contemporary city.

Mechelen is home to numerous ateliers and workshops that keep alive artesan tradition. On the other side, a new generation off Mechelaars with skill and creativity stands for new traditions, crafts and trades. We invite you to taste, see, touch and really experience them! Enjoy a private concert on the Carillon of St-Rumbold’s, go on a tasting tour and discover local specialities, marvel at the collection of tapestries at Royal Manufacturers De Wit or indulge in a Gouden Carolus beer or maybe a wee dram of single malt whisky at Het Anker Brewery.

Mechelen is one of Flanders’ best kept secrets and offers a range of out of the ordinary experiences for visitors to discover.

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