Ghana Tourism Authority

Ghana Tourism Authority is the implementing agency of tourism policies with its functions as follow;
– Regulation of tourism enterprises such as accommodation, catering, travel and tour and charter operations through registration, inspection, licensing and classification.
– Promotion and Marketing of tourism both in Ghana and abroad, including the production of tourism promotion materials and participation in fairs and exhibitions.
– Carrying out research and studies on trends in the tourism industry both at home and abroad to aid decision and policy making.
– Facilitation of the development of tourism facilities and products.

Ghana is endowed with a wide range of natural, historical and cultural attractions which provide the basis for conservation and preservation for the diverse promotion of tourism products.
Ghana has a unique cultural heritage featuring calendar of festivals rich in ancient traditions, artisans, excellent in goldsmithing, woodcarvings and herbal medicine. The ecological and landscape systems feature botanical gardens, tropical rainforest, natural parks, inland lakes and rivers.
Ghana’s attraction also lend themselves to the promotion of niche tourism focused on pristine tropical beaches along the country’s 540km Atlantic coastline suitable for beach and golf activities.
Historic Monuments of forts and castles slotted along the Coast of Ghana is built by eight different European empires during the 4th -18th centuries whose dungeons were used to accommodate millions of Africans for the infamous Trans-Atlantic slave trade today stand as world heritage sites designated by UNESCO and attract many visitors, students of history and culture as well as Europeans. The monuments are being promoted as heritage sites for special market.
A warm, friendly and hospitable people uniquely welcome you to Ghana, easily accessible from all parts of the world, a peaceful, politically stable and safe country with democratic credentials and respect for the rule of law and laissez-faire economy.
GHANA; Warmth, Culture and Rhythm

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