The Domain of the Caves of Han: discover this treasure of Nature hidden in the Belgian Ardennes, in the heart of the first Belgian Geopark!
The Caves of Han are among the most beautiful and impressive natural caves in the world, and fully deserve their Michelin 3-star rating (“worth the trip”). They were formed by the river Lesse, which is completely engulfed into the Massif of Boine and resurfaces 2 kilometer further on the other side of the hill. Such a disappearance and resurgence of a river is a unique phenomenon in Europe.
Accompanied by a specialized guide, you will be transported by a century-old tram upto the entrance of the caves. In pursuit of the lost river, you will wander through a necklace of fabulous galleries and halls, decorated with fascinating dripstones. From the gigantic Hall of the Dome to the dripstones of the Hall of Draperies, with their magical reflections in the water, you will experience a most unforgettable trip into the past.
Since 2017, the Caves are lightened by a fully new led lighting system, bringing out the natural colors and depth of the caves and dripstones, and revealing their true beauty. In 2018, your trip will be enhanced by a spectacular light and image show using the newest technologies to retrace the history of the caves.
The Massif de Boine and the “Chavée”, the ancient abandoned valley of the Lesse, form the shrine of the Caves of Han. These natural settings have been preserved as a Wildlife Park where you will encounter wild animals of our regions: wolves, lynx, bears, European bison, red deer, wild boar, vultures, and many other species.
This 250-hectare site of unspoiled nature allows you to contemplate these animals roaming free or semi-free in a natural setting of exceptional beauty with breathtaking panoramas.
The Domain of the Caves of Han has already attracted 30 million visitors from around the world… Will you be the next one?

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