Arica and Parinacota, Extreme North of Chile

Arica and Parinacota, extreme north of Chile, it’s a territory full of outstanding contrasts. It has an extensive coast of over 20 kilometer in the city, around 80 kilometers from the altiplano. The region has three well differentiated ecological levels; coast, pre mountain range and the altiplano, each with its own specific tourist attractions. There is a privileged climate within the coast, due to its mild changes through the year, hence the phrase “In Arica it’s always summer”. The region has the Chinchorro Culture and its mummies (currently in process of nomination to become World Heritage Site). They were an ancient group of fishermen and gatherers that inhabited the region over ten thousand years ago who developed a complex religious and metaphysical system, whose expressions are the mummification processes of their dead, with more than 8 thousand years of age, which makes them the oldest mummies in the world.

In the altiplano, there is the Lauca Biosphere Reserve, composed by the Lauca National Park, the Vicuñas National Reserve and the Surire Salt flat Natural Monument. There is a total of 358.312 hectares, full of endless landscapes and a rich bird life that inhabit wetlands, salt flats, lagoons, and where rarely human presence can be seen.

In the middle of the altiplano and the coast, there is the pre-mountain range, crisscrossed by fertile valleys and ravines, which have been the routes of villages, cultures and products since thousands of years and defines its tourist offer around the Aymara culture, their religious and productive practices.

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